Happy children in a dangerous world

Raise happy children

Every mother's desire is to have happy kids and provide them with all that is necessary to live a good life, with no fear, constraint, stress and affection. Although it is almost impossible to fully achieve this goal, we do everything in our power to protect this tiny angels from the unkindness of the outside world.

God knows what mixture of feelings is inside a mother's heart, and how her concerns are intensifying as time goes by; and at every moment, we realize that little by little we must let them go, and not necessarlily because we have to, but because they want to and need it.
We are like lions from the day they are born, and since that moment, we promise to ourselves to make them happy no matter what.

Mommy, I love winter but I hate it

When winter comes, I know there's the beginning of a new struggle with my daughters. Too much clothes are pretty troubling for them, and there are stressful moments when starting the whole process of getting  dressed, explaining over and over again that it is cold outside and it is really impossible to walk out in t-shirt. We all get nervous (I know I suppose to be calm, but it's impossible having an eye to the idea that my children could catch a serious cold): "Mommy, why do I  have to get dressed? I hate winter!". This is the eternal question when winter is coming, and from year to year, I realize that nothing is changed, except from my children growing-up. Who says that the child will be more empathic from one year to another, and all the development stages will be less frustrating for parents? 

Virosis in wintertime

In some parts of the world, the cold season has already come, and, it is known that winter is a good home for the viruses. No matter how hard we try to immunize our children against colds or other severe illnesses, it is not sufficient, because there is a continuous forthcoming of new viruses that pull down their bodies. I often heard some voices saying: "Her immunity is not good enough". I think it has nothing to do with this, since the body is not prepared for new viruses, and it's impossible to stay strong against new illnesses. I mean, it's a matter of luck. Very few people are immune against new viruses, never mind a child. So, I don't know if immunity means to be invincible against the illnesses, but for sure it helps our children to go through affections easier. 

The age of kindergarten

The bond between moms and children

It is clearly known that children have a strong attachement to their mothers, as they are the first who hold them in their arms, who feed them, who offer them all the comfort when in pain, or give them the feeling of safety whenever they need. The bond is so strong that is almost impossible for the children to get apart from their mothers, and, implicitly, for their mothers to detach themselves from their children. When it's time to start going to kindergarten, there are difficult moments for both of them.